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Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Welcome Welcome Welcome...


Firstly, hello and welcome to our company.

I hope you have enjoyed your time at home over these past months but I assume like me you are all itching to get out and get mingling with family, friends or meeting new people.

We all know that hugs aren't quite allowed yet but when they are..... my word will my friends be getting the longest hugs of their lives.

I want to welcome you to our new business and bring forward an idea of something new and exciting. I've been working in the outdoor industry for many years now and a good percentage of that has been with young people, however, I have seen a great increase of adults taking up the outdoor activities (I'm sure this is down to envy that kids get all the fun). So we have based our idea around getting you big kids involved.

Let's talk about climbing for a second. This sport has been ever-growing and developing into something just incredible. When I first started climbing there was merely a handful of climbing centres dotted around the UK, now we are looking at just over 400 Walls in the UK alone. Climbing is also due to appear in the Olympics for the first time this year!

As you can tell one of our main activities we will be providing is Climbing and Abseiling. But,

not only will we be providing you with an activity that's definitely going to rock your socks. But we are also offering you, the participant, to have your own personal Photoshoot on a rock face.

Literally hanging out with a Photographer.


That's not all we do.

We are going to be launching a brand new product later this year to encourage the navigation naysayers into getting their brains in gear, as a team, to get themselves out of a sticky situation.

Our aim... get you lost.

"Woah... Drastic.." I hear you say

We feel the days of teaching navigation the old fashioned way are outdated.

Getting you lost to start with is a fun way of discovering the skills you have already. Clients will meet at an undisclosed meeting point with an instructor who will provide them with clues and hints. From this point, it's up to them to get themselves into a position where they know where they are.

The instructor will be assessing their skills along the way and spot the weaknesses amongst individuals. Guiding them on how to progress and give them the skills to fill the gaps.

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed this welcome article and please have a browse of our site and available dates for your own Adventure. We look forward to seeing you outside soon!


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