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First Season - Complete!

As I'm writing this I'm looking out at a cold and rainy October day, summer is definitely becoming a distant memory. So what have we been up to?

It has certainly been hectic and a rollercoaster of a year. Back in April, the ever-changing COVID regulations threatened to impact all aspects of our business. However, it has been possible to run (almost) as normal and we have had many customers out over summer who've really enjoyed getting outdoors.


Our main focus has been on our climbing sessions, which we've run at Split Rock Quarry. We've had a whole range of customers up the wall, aged from under 10 to over 60! Safe to say our policy of "Smiles Guaranteed" is still in place and doing well. We've already started adding available dates for next year so come take a look if you want to get involved.

We've also launched our second experience this summer, our Get Lost Navigation sessions. Our first session was a huge success and we're very excited to get more people involved with this. If you enjoy escape-room type experiences or want to brush up on your outdoor skills in a fun way then check out our available dates!

Finally, we finished off the season with a totally unexpected opportunity, working with a film crew to produce a TV segment! We had the chance to meet the inspiring Carmela and got her down our 40ft abseil for the Who Cares Wins awards on Channel 4. With a little help from her celebrity idol Lilly Aspell she absolutely smashed it! This was a pleasure to be a part of and kept us smiling for long afterwards.

Safe to say it has been a busy and exciting season for us, we are now busy making plans for next year to be even better. Hope to see you then!


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