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  • Where do we need to park?
    Parking is on a wide road (Ash Lane) just a short walk from the venue. Follow the Google Maps link here. Please then head towards the end of the road where you will see a Wookey hole Sign, Head up the hill on Milton Lane as these images show below.
  • What time do I need to be there?
    Please arrive around 15 minutes before your session start time. This will allow for any waivers that need to be signed or preparation you may need for the activity.
  • What do we need to bring?
    -Comfortable clothing that is suitable for the weather conditions. -We recommend black soled shoes but most trainers will suffice (if you have your own rock shoes then you arte more than welcome to bring them). -Water (We always promote hydration). -Personal medication as required.
  • "I have never Rock Climbed before, is this for me?"
    We aim to create a relaxed, safe and positive environment where everyone feels comfortable to have a go. How it all works will be explained in detail by the instructor before you go up any rock. We believe it's not all about how high you get, it's about having a go and pushing your comfort zone in a way that is right for you. It is through this philosophy that we aim to create inclusive sessions that are for everyone, no matter your background.
  • What happens if it rains?
    In the UK we know the weather can be very unpredictable, so we would always recommend bringing a waterproof jacket. Rain does not pose a safety issue. We keep a constant eye on the forecast, and if we decide conditions aren't suitable for a Rock Climbing session then we may need to postpone. In which case, alternative dates will be provided. Please refer to our Booking Terms for more information.
  • What happens on the session?
    Session plan: - Meet and greet with the instructors, before kitting up and exploring the venue. - We will take you through the basics how the ropes work and how best to accomplish your goal for the day. - After some basics on the Climbing wall section, We head over to our 80ft Wall and give the abseil a go.
  • What do we do with our valuables?
    We recommend just keeping them on your person as there is plenty space to store them when at the venue. How ever if you wish to store them before the session then either keep them in your vehicle or we may be able to keep them in our vehicle during the session. (Please note all valuables are left at your own risk. Better off Adventures and all staff related to, take no responsibility of participants belongings, this includes when its stored in the staff members vehicle)
  • What happens if I can't make it?
    We have some flexibility to allow for on the day delays (such as traffic). Please let us know as far in advance as possible in case of any cancellations. Refer to our Booking Terms for our refund policy.
  • Are there toilets available?
    There are no toilets at our venue and we highly recommend using the public ones located here, in town or at this service station here depending on the direction you have taken into Wells.
  • Is this safe?
    Better off Adventures ensures you only get the most qualified of staff who assess risks onsite at all times to minimise any danger. We create a safe environment that adheres to strict national guidelines, how ever Rock Climbing can carry inherent risks and participants should fully read and understand our Activity Waiver before attending a session.
  • Is there an age requirement?
    There is no "I'm too old for this"! At Better off Adventures we have witnessed some amazing people of all ages accomplish a lot more than they expected, so for this reason we do not have a maximum age limit. Minimum age: 8 years (due to the limitations of children development) All Children under 18 need to be accompanied by an adult If your child is younger than this, but has some experience or is very confident outdoors, then we may be able to accommodate them. Please get in touch to discuss this before booking.
  • Can I bring people along to watch?
    As Split rock Quarry is a public venue, other people can come into the general area and watch how ever any not booked under our session/ Supervision is liable for their own risks. We will have a recommended watching area away from the rock face as we all wear helmets for a reason.
  • Can I bring my own Equipment?
    Yes by all means! However, our instructors may insist that our kit is used if the equipment is not deemed safe upon inspection.
  • Do I need to bring food and water?
    We will be at the venue for the duration of the session, and there will be plenty of opportunity for breaks. So feel free to bring some snacks. We do recommend bringing some water with you, as it can be thirsty work.
  • What if I have a complaint?
    Please use our Contact page to reach out to us, so we can work to resolve any issues you might have.
  • Can I sign up alone?
    Of course! We can either provide you with a personal 1-to-1, or you can sign up to our open public courses where you will be participating with other friendly people.
  • Do I need to wear a mask?
    Better off Adventures operates to the latest guidelines set out by governing bodies. Our activities take place exclusively outdoors, and social distancing can be maintained for the vast majority of the session. Masks are not required to be worn during activities. However, it may occasionally be necessary for instructors to get closer than 2m for safety reasons. This will be kept to an absolute minimum, and we would recommend wearing a mask during these times. Please see our COVID Policy for more information.
  • What if I'm disabled?
    No Worries at all, We can Accommodate for most disabilities how ever the venue we use is NOT wheel chair friendly so this would pose the only real problem. If you do have a disability and are still wanting to question more please inform us of what your ability is and we can alter the session to suit your needs.
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