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Climbing & Abseiling

Our climbing experience gives you the chance to get up close and personal with some real rock. Experience the thrill of climbing high above your friends and challenging yourself. Guaranteed to leave you with a big grin once you're back on the ground!

Once you've got a feel for some heights, we will progress over to our 40m abseiling wall. This is where you will learn to put full trust in yourself and bring all your newly learned skills together. Our instructors will guide you over the cliff edge, before you descend down under your own power (don't worry, there will be a backup line as well!).


What can I expect from the session?

  • Introduction to the use of climbing equipment

  • Belaying techniques to keep your climbing buddy safe

  • Movement techniques on the rock

  • Applying your newly developed confidence on our 40m abseil

  • Leave the crag with a huge smile

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Private Bookings
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Split Rock Quarry - Wells, Somerset

You and you only!

With this session, you'll be having the instructor all to yourself or with however many you choose to share with. From couples to groups of friends and even a one-to-one session. 

This is by far the best choice for special occasions or getting the team out for a new experience.

£55 pp


Public Bookings
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Split Rock Quarry - Wells, Somerset

Let's rock!


If you want to meet some like minded people and have a blast with a variety of randomers then this is the course you need to book.

This course was designed to keep our customers wallets in mind while still allowing you to experience the wonders of climbing and abseiling.

£40 pp